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Can I convert my loft if I have a water tank there?

Can I convert my loft if I have a water tank there?

Whilst most British homes have upgraded to the combiboiler, many still use a water tank. This is a problem for a loft conversion because the main objective is to maximise space.

Your first option is putting the tank in a box. This is a simple and cheap solution that means hiding the tank so it doesn’t affect the aesthetics of the loft conversion. However, when you consider that a water tank affects the flow of space in the loft, it might be better to move the tank.

You can move the tank to fit alongside the plumbing of the en suite bathroom or toilet, so it doesn’t affect plumbing. You could also relocate the tank to an eaves corner where no one can stand but accommodates the tank. It is a good way to utilize an unusable space.

In most cases, we advise the client to remove the tank entirely and upgrade to a combiboiler. It is more efficient and takes up less space than a water tank. It is the best option for combining central heating and hot water systems in your home. It is cost-effective and delivers good pressure for hot water, eliminating the need for a cold water tank.