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What does a planning application contain?

What does a planning application contain?

A typical planning permission application will contain the following:

  • 5 copies of the application forms
  • A signed copy of the ownership certificate
  • A plan of the proposed development
  • An Access and Design Statement
  • The application fee

The Access and Design Statements are documents that must accompany every planning application. These documents explain the design principles of the proposed project and typically include plans and other illustrations that show how the finished project will look and how users of the property will be able to gain access into the property. These statements typically contain a lot of technical information that would help the planning authority understand the purpose of your building project and how it may affect the neighborhood.

Because of the technical nature of these documents, most planning authorities will provide guidance note that will help you, but your architect or a building expert will be able to put one together for you. In some cases, if these documents are not included in your planning application, the planning authorities can refuse to accept your application.