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How do I finance my loft conversion?

How do I finance my loft conversion?

There are three ways to pay for your Brighton home loft conversion project. The first option is the cash buyer payment that allows you pay for your loft conversion in eight payments throughout the build.

The second option is the buy now, pay later deal. Up to 50% of the cost is paid before construction begins. At the completion stage, you spread the payment of the remaining 50% over a period of 12 months. This option is protected by the Consumer Credit Act, a safeguard for your deposit.

The third option is deferred and preferred. The design stage is self-funded by the client. Up to 50% is paid by the loft structure stage. The final 50% is spread over a period of 60 months at 4.9% or 120 months at 5.9% representative APR.

Alternatively, you could get a more cost effective loan with a repayment of roughly £300 to £400 every month. You could also put it on your credit card if you have a good credit history.