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How do I pay my dormer loft conversion?

How do I pay my dormer loft conversion?

Many of our clients in Brighton opt to re-mortgage their homes to get the funds they need for a dormer loft conversion. You must have equity in your home for the amount you need to borrow, this will include a deposit.

If you have savings, you can leverage that to expend some of the cost of a home renovation. Savings is the cheapest way to pay for a loft conversion as you’re not charged bank interest. You could also look into a credit card reward or cashback deal to pay off the balance if your savings are not sufficient to cover the full cost of the dormer loft conversion.

A third option is to take out a personal loan if you have a good credit history. It is cheaper than re mortgaging but you will have to consider whether you can manage the monthly payments on top any other financial commitments you have.

Alternatively, you can pay for your project in instalments. We can sit with you and map out a payment structure starting from the first stage of the project and finishing before the final stages.