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What other permissions will I need?

What other permissions will I need?

Apart from planning permission and building regulations approval, there are also other permissions you may need in order to carry out loft conversion. The most common of these is known as Party Wall Agreement.

If your loft conversion or any other home improvement project you want to carry out will affect the wall you share with a neighbor, you will need to have the Party Wall Agreement. This is an agreement between you and your neighbor that specifies how the work will be done so that it does not endanger your neighbor’s property. A Party Wall Agreement contains a summary of your proposed project, copies of your plan and how long it is expected to take. This documentation will be shared with your neighbor who will give approval for the work to commence.

You can find samples of a Party Wall Agreement online or speak to our experts who can get one for you. Once your neighbor is satisfied with the terms of the agreement, they will sign their agreement. Your neighbor also have the right to get an independent opinion before signing the agreement, but you must get their approval before starting the loft conversion project.

You can get more information about the Party Wall Act of 1966 by visiting the UK government’s building planning website.