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What can I do if my plans are rejected?

What can I do if my plans are rejected?

There is a good chance of your plans getting turned down if it doesn’t meet the technical specifications outlined in the building regulations guidelines but your local building control officer will likely work with you to resolve the problem so that your proposed plans can meet with the needed specifications and so that you can be given approval.

However, if you building or alteration plans are rejected, the building control board will issue a list of items indicating the areas where your plan is in contravention with the regulations. You can then make the proper amendments and resubmit your plans.

In order to avoid the to and fro of submission and rejection, it is wise to work with a conversion expert from the very start who will work with you through the planning process so that your proposals meet the necessary parts of the building regulations.

If you are planning for a loft conversion but have failed to secure building regulations approval for your proposals, give us a call on 01273 257450, our experts will be happy to work with you in crafting a new proposal.