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Is planning permission the same as Building Regulations?

Is planning permission the same as Building Regulations?

It is common knowledge that some form of permission is required for modifications or extensions to a property, but because loft conversion is considered to be permitted development, you may not need to get planning permission in order to have one done. However, even though you are free to carry out loft conversion in your house, it is your responsibility to make sure that the conversion process meets with the set standard for design and construction of buildings known as Building Regulations.

When you apply for planning permission, you are letting the council know that you want to carry out alteration on an existing building which will give it a different look or design from what is on the existing plans. Planning permission is important as it helps the city control the use of land, appearance of structures and how it affects the system on ground.

Depending on the type of alteration you want to carry out on your home, you may be required to apply for planning permission even if it is a loft conversion. For this reason, it is important you find out before time if you will require planning permission for your loft conversion or not.

If you intend to carry out internal alteration such as installing or modifying the electrical system, ventilation, drainage or any other modification that will affect the structural integrity of the building, you will definitely require approval from the Building Regulations. Because it can be difficult to determine which of the two you need, it is best you speak with someone at your local building control board or planning authority.